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Jeff Davis Farmland

Agriculture has a long and proud history in Jeff Davis and Southwest Louisiana. Commodities produced are Rice, Soybeans, Beef Cattle, Sugarcane, Milo, Wheat, Oats and serveral energy crops.  If you are thinking about buying or selling farmland in this area, you will want an agent who has knowledge of the industry.  With over 25 years of experience in the day to day management of a rice, soybean and cattle farm, a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business from LSU, and experience gained as a land and waterlord, I believe I am your agent of choice!

Farmland is often sold to friends and neighbors, with little exposure to the public.  When a property does hit the market, you need to be prepared to move fast.  This means having someone to represent you who knows the current value of different types of farmland and who can negotiate the best deal for your interest

Farmland for Sale

Farms and Acreages for Sale in Jennings, Louisiana $325,000
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Hwy 26 N
117819 Jennings $325,000 USD Apartment Farm and Ranch

Want to buy or sell farmland?

Give me a call @ 337-526-8809 for an in depth perspective on the farmland market and access to interested buyers and sellers.